Red Dot Sights For Sale in South Africa

Red Dot Sights For Sale in South Africa



We are seeing an increase in sales of red dot sights as they are becoming more popular for use on pistols, whereas they were previously only seen on AR type rifles.

Serious IPSC competitors have been using red dot sights on their race guns which gives an edge in terms of faster target acquisition and their follow up shots are more accurate. As a result the use of red dot sights on pistols for every day carry (EDC) are on the increase.

Up until a year or two ago red dot sights for sale in South Africa were quite expensive and limited to just a few exclusive brands such as Trijicon and Vortex. With the increase in their popularity and uptake for use on pistols we have seen other traditional scope manufacturers bring to market their equivalent of the red dot sight. As a result the market is now more competitive and we are seeing excellent red dot sights for sale in South Africa at very affordable prices.

Vortex red dot sights are our best sellers in South Africa but it is also worth considering the following brands: Holosun Red Dot Sights, Bushnell Red Dot Sights, Hawke Red Dot Sights, Burris Red Dot Sights, Sun Optics Red Dot Sights and Sightron Red Dot Sights.

Trijicon red dot sights are of course the pinnacle but they do come at a much higher price point. If you can afford it, go for it, there's a reason why they are considered the best red dots on the market.

If you are in the market for a red dot then you definitely need to consider Holosun red dot sights. They offer excellent quality and their red dot sights are packed with features. Shake Awake ensures your red dot is instantly on when you pick up your pistol or rifle, Solar Failsafe offers backup power in the event that your battery fails. Batteries are replaceable and last approximately 5 years. Multiple Reticle Systems gives you a choice of reticle shapes which can be toggled according to your preference as well as change reticle size from 2MOA to 65MOA without having to re-zero.

Just have a look on YouTube for reviews on the Holosun red dot sights, they come highly recommended. Reviewers of Holosun red dot sights have been putting them through serious stress and drop tests to simulate use in harsh conditions and they are proving to be extremely robust.


Without going into too much detail consider these 4 points before buying your red dot sight.

Can the battery be replaced without having to remove the red dot sight?

This is an important consideration as the battery compartment is either located on the underside of the red dot sight or on top. If on top that is fine, replacing the battery is quick and easy. If on the underside then the red dot has to first be removed and once replaced and remounted it will need to be re-zero’d again.

If you are using your red dot sight on your EDC pistol then the red dot will need to run continuously which means you can expect to replace the battery more frequently. You may then want to consider a red dot where the battery compartment is located on the top.

What size MOA red dot do I need?

The MOA size matters depending on whether you will shoot mostly close range as you would with an EDC pistol, IPSC and similar applications. If you are mounting your red dot on a rifle then you will most likely be shooting at longer distances.

Close range you want a larger dot size.
Long range you want a smaller dot size.

Dot size typically ranges from 2 MOA to 6 MOA.

Does the red dot sight switch on and off automatically?

Most red dot sights switch off automatically after a set period. But more importantly is whether the red dot sight switches on automatically. This is even more critical if you have mounted your red dot optic on your EDC weapon.

Take this scenario for example… The Vortex Viper red dot sight is often recommended as a good option for use on a pistol. It is an excellent red dot, however it does not have an auto on feature and it shuts off automatically after 17 hours. This means you will need to remember to constantly switch it back on. Not ideal for an EDC application where you need your sight to be on and ready for action at any given time.

The flip side of auto on capabilities is that battery life will take a hit especially if mounted on an EDC weapon.

The Holosun red dot sights with their Shake Awake feature makes them a very good option for EDC. When it senses movement it switches on instantly, it is so quick in turning on that before the pistol is even levelled to take aim it is already on. You will never notice it was even off. In terms of battery life on the Holosun, even with it’s Shake Awake feature, you can expect 50,000 hours of battery life thanks to it’s integrated solar panel. That is 5 years before you need to replace the battery. The Holosun red dot is an excellent sight for EDC purposes.

How am I going to mount my red dot sight?

Most red dot sights come supplied with a Weaver / Picatinny mount which is great if you are mounting it on an AR platform or rifle which already has an accessory rail.

If you are going to be mounting a red dot sight on a pistol then you need to be aware that at the bottom of the red dot is a pattern of holes for screwing the red dot to a mounting plate. The screw pattern may vary from one red dot to another. Red dot mounting plates don’t usually come supplied with the red dot sight, you will need to source these separately.

Mounting options on a pistol are limited. Only recently, with the rise in popularity of using red dot sights on pistols, have firearm manufacturers started introducing Milled Out Slides (MOS) for the purpose of mounting a red dot sight on the pistol. As an example take a look at the new Glock Gen 5's with MOS slides.

You have the following options for mounting a red dot sight on a pistol

If your pistol does not have a MOS slide you can consider having your slide milled out. There are a few companies in South Africa that can do this for you. The downside of going this route is that once the slide has been milled out there is no going back, you can’t un-mill the slide. If you have a change of heart down the line and want to revert back to open sights or want to upgrade your red dot to a different make or model then you may have compatibility issues due to a different screw pattern which may differ between the red dot sights.

There are universal mounting plates that come with a range of screw patterns to match the most popular red dot sight screw patterns. You fit them to your pistol by removing the rear sight and replacing it with the red dot mount. The red dot sight is then screwed onto the mounting plate.

Take a look at the DEFCON Tactical Red Dot Base Plate for Glock Pistols. This is a universal red dot mount compatible with a number of Glock pistols and accommodates a variety of popular red dot sights.


Huntalot Online Hunting Shop offer the widest selection of red dot sights for sale in South Africa representing all the major optic brands.

With our Price Promise we are confident our red dot sight prices are the best in SA too.

All our red dot sights for sale carry the full manufacturers warranty. All our oprics are sourced from the official South African distributors for each brand and are guaranteed to be genuine.

Feel free to contact us for any advice or questions you may have around red dot sights and we will be happy to assist you.

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